American Atheists 2013 National Convention

The 50th Anniversary of the landmark organization is coming up very soon! From the 28th-31st of March nontheists from all over the world will be gathering for a brighter future.  And the best part of the convention is that it is right here Austin, TX! I will be tabling with the Atheist Community of Austin, answering questions, and holding a book signing. The incredible speakers include: A.C. Grayling, California Representative Pete Stark, American Atheist President David Silverman, author Richard Carrier, Greta Christina, former minister Teresa MacBain, Matt Dillahunty, one of my favorite personalities Christina Rad, and many, many more. Visit the Convention website to learn about all the incredible events. Below is the exciting trailer I had the privilege to view the premiere of the ad a few months back. Enjoy and I hope you can make it.

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