Fun with Richard Dawkins Magnet!

At the recent American Atheist Convention, Tracie Harris and I were having a bit of fun with a stack of magnets we received from the fine folks over at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. The magnet reads “It took 13.7 billion years to make something this perfect… So don’t mess it up!” The message looked best on t-shirts but we thought it could apply to just about anything. Since the convention we have been posting our tagging antics on facebook. What do you think?

Tracie kicked it off with:




I responded with:

Almost as long as the average chess match…







Thus speaketh Ganesh…





Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl With a Very Old Earring”







And Tracie…














Wanna join in on the action? Here is a pic of the magnet or you can order one of your own directly from the Richard Dawkins site:

Dawkins Magnet

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