Help Out Beth Presswood and Matt Dillahunty, Freethought Heroes, After Burglary

Beth Presswood (host of the Godless Bitches Podcast) and Matt Dillahunty (host of The Atheist Experience and President of the Atheist Community of Austin) had their house burglarized on Saturday.

JT Eberhard over at Patheos has a blog post about it and said he would donate the earnings from it to help Beth and Matt recover their losses. Please support two individuals who volunteer a huge amount of time and effort to the freethought cause and are exceptional people as well. They have helped make me feel welcome in my new community here in Austin. If nothing else, visit JT’s link below:

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2 Responses to Help Out Beth Presswood and Matt Dillahunty, Freethought Heroes, After Burglary

  1. Mesali says:

    The Reason Rally is free. We’ll gather on the mall to leitsn to talks, music and comedy from nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the atheist/humanist/freethought movement (and possibly one or more surprise speakers) and get a chance to meet and network with like-minded individuals from other states and countries. There are also opportunities on Friday for lobbying your congressional representatives on Church & State separation issues and in the afternoon and evening a chance to get socialize and make signs and buttons for the rally on Saturday (check elsewhere on the forum for links to details on those events). As of this posting, the speaker schedule is not out yet. Probably because the speaker list continues to grow. Tim Minchin was added about a week ago and Adam Savage from MythBusters was announced yesterday.

  2. Imna says:

    When you say exactly what Evolution is, look at the Big Bang and other elpnaxations of theirs to explain our origins and state the blunt reality of it’s meaning, it’s pretty foolish. They take something that sounds ridiculously illogical, throw fake science on it, make it sound complicated, well studied and put together and some fall for it. Just because it sounds good and reasonable, doesn’t mean it is, people need to understand that.