News Thread

Here I will be posting scary stories about totalitarian/dogmatic/irrational ideologies doing harm in our world under the heading “Fundy Watch.” I will also be posting stories of hope called “Hero Watch.”

“Fundy Watch”

Marquis De Lafayette

International Humanist and Ethical Union Releases New Global Report on Discrimination Against the Nonreligious

Cadet Quits Due to Overt Religion at West Point

This is sad but hopefully it means change is coming to America’s terrifyingly theistic military. We don’t need the dudes with the guns thinking of the apocalypse or delusions of heaven.

Not All Fun and Delusions

As if the stupidity and credulity of it were not enough, the respectable U.S. government agency NASA felt compelled to respond to Mayan Apocalypse speculation in much the same way the CDC released a statement earlier this year that there is zero threat of a zombie invasion! At least the crazies, er, I mean open-minded folks keep things interesting.

The BBC has lots of great stories. Here are two:

No Country for Old Women: “Witches” in Africa

Russia’s Far Right

“Hero Watch”

Steven Weinberg

International Audience Drawn to Local Atheist Show

Activist Resources

Uncle Charles

Cyberguy’s Atheist Resource Page

Here are some wonderful pamphlets and posters to hand out to the rationally challenged you might encounter.

American’s United for the Separation of Church and State Resource Page

Has a lot of great free brochures helping to inform the public on topics such as “Why the Religious Right is Wrong About Separation of Church and State,” Faith-Based initiatives, science and religion, tax exempt status, and “Is America a Christian Nation?”

One Response to News/Activism

  1. Valerie says:

    To the atheist women out there, I’m sorry I may have skeewd the results from that survey to show we’re all tired all the time; but nowhere on that survey did they leave space to explain that my total exhaustion over the period of the past 4 weeks is due to buying my first house, starting a new job, and defending my master’s thesis within that time period. If having religion would have kept me calm yet alert and blissful through that, then I take it all back, sign me up!