The Freethought Resource Guide is a first-stop directory to carefully vetted, selected, arranged, recommended, and synopsized references to a wide variety of items that are of the highest quality, historical importance, and/or greatest utility to freethinkers. The guide begins by articulating freethought through relevant terms, history, statistics, and commentary on frequently asked questions, issues, and criticisms. Subsequent sections contain information on topics related to freethought activism, law, education, parenting, science, religion, secular holidays, and art (fiction literature, music, film, comedy). Two large directories focusing on international, national, and local organizations and exploring the internet are included. Highlights include full text or excerpts from over 70 poems, numerous funny and insightful cartoons from Tracie Harris, co-host of The Atheist Experience television show. There are also two great references: 25 of the most common logical fallacies adapted from Bo Bennett’s concise introductory work Logically… Fallacious: The Ultimate Collection of Over 300 Logical Fallacies and 36 theist arguments (and why they are flawed) adapted from Rebecca Newberger Goldstein’s wonderful novel 36 Arguments for the Existence of God.

Whether you are an active freethinker, a beginner, or simply curious this guide is for you! Through the use of simple symbols readers of any interest level will find the guide easy to navigate. The symbols help to indicate works which are introductions, of high quality, popular amongst other freethinkers, and recommendations for your theist friends or family wishing to learn more about this life-stance. The book is passionately dedicated to helping inform, empower, connect, and entertain those who have chosen to embrace a life of independence, integrity, reason, and compassion.

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