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In order to make the Freethought Resource Guide as informative as possible, I am interested to hear your opinion, fellow freethinker, about the best resources you have discovered under the topics of freethought, secular humanism, skepticism, atheism, and agnosticism.

Think of the questions in this way: If a friend came to you desiring to learn about these perspectives which resources would you recommend?

The most popular items will be highlighted within the guide as “Thinker’s Choice” selections. The purpose is to allow readers to benefit from the advice of our entire community, not simply the opinion of the author.

This questionnaire is anonymous and any identifying information will be kept strictly confidential. By filling out this questionnaire it will be assumed that you have agreed to freely participate.

For this project to succeed in educating and empowering freethinkers, I need your help!

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One Response to Questionnaire

  1. tracieh says:

    Just fyi, I told you on the Bat Cruise I’d share it around. I just posted this to the Atheist Experience page, Unofficial After-Show Dinner page, Godless Bitches page, and my own page and asked people to share it with other freethinkers…so, if you see any increase in traffic, you’re welcome! If not, then I clearly have no influence on others.