When Fictional Characters Don’t Believe in Other Fictional Characters: Atheist Superheroes!

I came across a site which categorizes comic book characters by religious affiliation. Turns out there are a few atheists in the Marvel Universe. Now this may seem a bit odd (my title not withstanding) given that the Marvel world is filled with strange almost supernatural characters and events. Yet, good art is intended, not to create a wholly new world totally foreign to our sensibilities but to reflect and examine the real one in which we live, albeit in a dramatic way. Superheroes are exaggerations of humanity and therefore Marvel is perhaps the only place suitable for the hard atheist, the Super Atheist who really, really, really, I mean really, doesn’t believe in gods! The Adherents give a list of the characters in each religious Super Team and an explanation of each superhero and why they should be so affiliated.

Atheist Superheroes

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